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Golf Course Yardage Data

Comprehensive Golf Course Database – Yardage, Tee Box, and More

Our comprehensive golf course database contains much more information than our $49 database.

The database contains information such as…

  • Scorecard Information
  • Tees and Yardages
  • Ratings and Slopes
  • Email Addresses
  • and much more

The licensing fee for the entire database is $3200 (maximum). Pricing begins at $129 (mailing).

The licensing fee is a one time expense. The yearly relicensing fee is $400 and includes all updates, edited and new courses added. It is not necessary to license the entire database. Pricing for data is relative to the amount of data accepted. There are also financial options available to help get your project up and running. Our course ID system will allow you to add data at anytime.

View a Sample of the Database

Golf Course Sample Data

Database Fields:

Course Name
Street Address
Zip Code
Course Designer (Architect)
Year Built
Course Status (Public, Private, Municipal, etc.)
Guest Policy
Email address
Course Manager

Course Information
Course ID Number
Course Tee Number
Course Name
Number of Holes
Hole Yardages
Front Nine Yardage
Back Nine Yardage
Par per hole
Par per tee
Number of tees
Total Tee Yardage
Hole Handicaps (Stroke Index)

Interested In Our Comprehensive Database?

Fill out the information below and we will contact you about our licensing options.